Productivity Tips

Your server was down for an hour. How much did that cost?

To one degree or another, the vast majority of businesses today rely on technology to operate. For those that depend on it, unscheduled downtime of critical network components results in more than inconvenience and frustration. Downtime equals lost profits.

Many business owners don’t fully appreciate the costs associated with technical issues, so let’s see what an hour of server unavailability really costs.

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Why Are Monitoring and Maintenance So Important?

Has your computer been running slowly lately? Are you getting strange error messages when you try certain operations? Don’t wait for the dreaded Blue Screen of Death to start thinking about patches, updates, and other routine maintenance tasks.

If you’re waiting until something’s broken until you fix it, you’re already too late. Technology-related downtime means lost productivity, lost revenue opportunities, and increased IT expenses. The fact is that most “emergencies” don’t have to happen. A little time and investment up front can save big expenses later on.

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Increasing Office Efficiency and Productivity

As Paul Simon once sang, there are “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.” But counting the number of ways to make your small business operate more efficiently takes much longer than an average three-minute folk hit. Therein lies the problem, though — with an infinite number of tips, tricks, and apps purporting to make office life easier, how does a small-business owner decide what will work best for him or her?

With nearly 20 years of experience in the IT field, your trusted friends at CMIT Solutions can help. Check out our list of office efficiency tips below, and then call your local CMIT Advisor to set up a personalized consultation today.

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Jumpstart your productivity with these three methods

Whether due to interruption by a co-worker, technical problems with your computer, inability to focus, or just plain old procrastination, obstacles to your productivity come in many forms. As such, there’s no one easy fix all of them. However, when you find yourself stuck in an unproductive rut, try one of these suggestions to shake things up. Sometimes, merely doing something you don’t normally do is sufficient to motivate you to tackle challenges.

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Take Charge of Your Productivity with These Time Management Tools

“Lost time is never found again.” – Benjamin Franklin

Often find yourself wondering where all the time goes? Much in the same way that keeping track of expenses reveals where your money goes, keeping tabs on your time can help you make more efficient use of it by identifying waste and opportunities for increased productivity.

But first, you need to a way to track it. Take a look at this list of time management tools.

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Harnessing Tablet Technology for Your Small-Business Needs

If you’re a small-business owner considering a computer upgrade, chances are you’ve at least entertained a tablet. These portable and increasingly powerful devices are fast on their way to replacing desktop and even laptop computers. International Data Corporation reported in May that tablet sales grew 142% from 2012’s first quarter to 2013 — and that PC sales dropped more precipitously in the same period than anytime since numbers were first tracked in 1994. Additionally, IDC predicts that, by 2015, tablet sales will surpass sales of notebooks and desktops combined.

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